Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fresh veggies and yogurt

Wow fresh tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, and zucchini what could be better!!?? I am using them in all kinds of things. Waiting for the tomatoes to ripen but the rest are coming along and I already had 10 zucchini picked.
Hopefully I will get a couple cantaloupes out of it also as they were a bit stunted with some watering issues.

I am also looking forward to a few books this winter and I am going to order from Nuts.com as I see they have chestnuts there.I also see they have maca powder, mullberries and a lot of things so there is also a wish list on that site. I will be perfecting my cashew yogurt as well I like the thickness now but would like it to be a bit thicker. This batch was made with cornstarch albeit not organic but hey you gotta work with what ya got!!! I have tapioca starch and agar agar here also. I think the agar agar will work best but it took me a couple times around the internet to see how they use it for other milks. I get it now and will be trying that also. It is rich, creamy and I added vanilla I swear it tastes just like some of the stuff I have bought in the store sans the soy!

Would you want to try it? I am in love with cashews and they also work on things in your head
I know this works I made cashew milk for two weeks and wondered one day why I was so upbeat and just found myself smiling!!! Try them they are also soft so no need for nut milk bags etc.
You can soak them if you wish but I usually don't I use 1 cup maybe 1 cup and 1 tablespoon to 5 cups of hot water put it in the Vitamix and turn it on. I use this for my yogurt, my creamer, my smoothies, over cereal, just for anything. I also make alfredo sauce out of these, white sauce, whipped topping you name it they just work for everything. 

Well enough on those as I can go on and on about the benefits of them also for your heart too.
I also like the fact that my things usually have very very few ingredients and no additives. 
So with that bit of news I will be off to enjoy my muesli and anxiously await the arrival of my new Cuisinart Yogurt Maker that also does the cooling!!!
Until next time 
Keep it Plantiful

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