Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HOT Tuesday

It is well on it's way to 95 today for sure.  I know it is not as hot as in Arizona but when you are inside a metal building it is hot enough. It will be close to 100 in there today not a fun place to be I just pace myself.
This morning has been a great one so far--up earlier as I want to start doing that I don't need to sleep more as I am now sleeping better anyway. I figured out is was the soda I gave up that was keeping me up! I do still indulge now and then but not like before. Feels good.

I made some creamy oat milk this morning which is going in my smoothies. My Cuisinart Single Coffee Maker is out for delivery today I won't get it till I get home but that is okay as long as it does not sit in the hot sun all day long. I got my Pilates in and my body will thank me. I love my reformer I am just not focused  like I used to be. I am not with a crowd of health enthusiasts anymore and that makes a huge difference. No one seems to want to learn but me! I find that odd but I still keep up or try anyway.

Today is a watermelon day for me also at work and a couple crackers. My body does not like food and heat so I take it easy in that department.

My Yogurt cultures are also on their way next purchase is the Cuisinart Yogurt Maker with the cooler in it.
I am excited I can finally make nut milk yogurts first up is Cashew of course I got a recipe off the internet that uses pectin which is found in apples to thicken it. I will try it out and then I am going to make some others.

It is going to be a great summer. Now to be able to get out and walk my long miles on Sundays that starts this weekend. I will do at least 3 miles then work up to my usual 7-12 miles. It has been a very long time but I am determined. I miss those long walks however this week I am also working 6 days and with it being such a physical job well you can imagine my body gets tired.

With that I will let you go for today.
Eat well, be well and above all
Keep it Plantiful

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