Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Thursday

Good Thursday everyone
Well here I sit trying to get my house cooled off before I leave for work. It hit 100 degrees in that building yesterday and that is not a lot of fun! Very hard on my body anyway. I am hydrated but still you are uncomfortable to say the least and then in the winter it is a brisk 50 degrees so the same. It is a huge building so I understand and that is part of the manufacturing world for sure. 
I am just grateful for having a job that is 40 hours a week so I just keep moving forward.

I am also surrounded by wildfires here so the air to say the least is very smoky. This is not the healthiest time to be outdoors either. I work 17 miles away which is closer to the fires and there is ash falling in the air there. It will get here though usually does and this is a typical Central Oregon summer. Being so hot and dry and most of these are due to the 1000's of lightening strikes last weekend. I always feel bad for the displaced animals who lose their homes when this happens. This is mother nature doing some house cleaning -- but it still bothers me.

As for the food part of it well I am still drinking my smoothies for my brunch every day, my lunch at work yesterday was just some cucumbers and crackers. Heat and food with me are not to be combined well.
I did put some celery, cucumber and apple in my NutriBullet but I was not too thrilled so after trying to drink it I decide hmmmm a great base for gazpacho so that is what I am doing with it this weekend. I froze it and it will be there waiting for the rest of the ingredients. I love gazpacho.  When I have things that don't always work out well I try to think of something else they will work with or at least turn into. I don't like to waste things and it happens to me. I am trying very hard but I am not a menu oriented person but I should be would be good however when the day comes to eat a certain thing what if I am not in the same mood as when I wrote it? What do you do?  Being a trained chef it is so much easier to make something quickly and I can literally make some of the worst foods taste great so no need for the menu then? I will see if I can start this fall and get the menu thing going. It would be great for the shopping list. 

What is up next I really don't know. I always have things going on in my head -paint my shirts, work on some recipes for this blog,just some hints and tips for cooking quickly, whatever comes to my mind.
I need to really think this out. I would like to make a few bucks on the side. I have dreams of a lot of things and being close to 60 well sometimes I think it is too late other times I think HECK NO!!! My one dream is to have a food cart that just sells potato dishes period. Just spuds that is all with all kinds of toppings that sort of thing. I make some awesome potato items. Sort of a spudnation sort of thing LOL. I think it would work and it would be fairly easy to do with just potatoes. Just ides running inside my head all of the time. I am sort of a leftover hippie, listening to that different drummer for sure. 

Well here is my dessert from last night

Maple, Banana and Walnut Ice Dream

Bananas-frozen but thawed a bit for the dessert bullet
Maple syrup 
You put in according to your tastes 
This tastes like maple walnut ice cream I did this in the dessert bullet but if you add some nut milk you can also make it a shake.
Enjoy the day
Until Next time
Keep in Plantiful

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