Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great Sunday

I am sharing a picture of the park I literally live inside of. Yes I do this is Smith Rock State Park. It was a muggy morning but I got out and walked my 2 miles today. It sure felt good feet were rocking it!!! No pain took my Exterstrider Poles too got a great workout in. It has been hot here in the mid to upper 90's all week and the same for next week. We had thunderstorms today.

I also got my new toys a NutriBullet and a DessertBullet WOW is all I can say about them. They work wonderfully. The Nutribullet is just the best for small things and the dessert bullet well I tossed my Yonanas machine in the trash today. This is so much quieter and does a wonderful wonderful job of making fruit into a frozen dessert.  I also used my Vitamix this weekend too. I made some salad dressing without any oil it turned out pretty good really. It will get a bit of a rest though the Nutribullet is more my size and does a nice job of things. I also drank more tea thanks to the coffeemaker. So all it all my new toys are proving to be very very helpful around here. I love kitchen gadgets but am finding I am spending more $$ and getting better quality ones also. The dehydrator is an Excalibur, Vitamix, Nutribullet, Cuisinart, KitchenAid that sort of thing. The only way I afford any of this is QVC or HSN on the payment plans but I am glad I got them.
The dehydrator will get more use this winter it puts off quite a bit of heat so not when it is 81 inside am I turning that on LOL.

That has been most of my weekend learning new the new toys, walking, getting my yard work done and just relaxing a bit. I head to work tomorrow in a very very hot building as I have said usually hangs around the 93-97 degree mark in there. We do have fans but it is still hot!!!! Lots of water available though so that is nice and it is in a water cooler out on the floor so we can get nice cold water. It warms up fast though but we are drinking it and lots of it too.

Hydration is a big key for me especially if I need to get some extra pounds off from eating the salted items of which I watched very closely this weekend. Salt can just pack the pounds on me as does bread so I have given up the bread for awhile anyway. An  occasional piece here and there won't matter but other than that I am passing it up.

Well with all of that I will end this blog for today. I am off for some tea and maybe a small WFPB treat.
How about you?
Until Next Time
Keep it Plantiful

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