Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Thursday!!!!

Ah this is home sweet home for me Central Oregon I love it here must I have been here 20 years!
It is going to be a warm one today and we are under a fire watch it is very very dry here in the high desert.

I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee(yes I do drink coffee albeit not a lot though) from my new single cup brewer. I wonder sometimes why it takes me so long to get on the bandwagon with things. I guess I have to sit back and wait and watch. 
My NutriBullet 900 and the Nutribullet dessert maker will be here tomorrow that will make it a fun weekend to finally  "NutriBlast" myself. I love my Vitamix don't get me wrong and I would be getting me a new one if it ever breaks but sometimes I want to just be able to make and take and the NutriBullet allows me to do that. 
I watched the demo for two days this weekend and am glad for my decision.

What are your favorite appliances?  I also am finding I am spending more on them and getting awesome quality ones over the less costly and buying them a lot. I did that with blenders and after you do that say 5 times you already paid for the one you thought you could not afford in the first place!!!
QVC and HSN make all of this possible anymore with flex pay oh and not to mention Fingerhut though the shipping can be a bit high from them. The products are the same, colors etc. I still have stuff from them from 25 years ago! Pick your "store" and get yourself something that will make this plantiful life easier, more fun for sure as you can do more with it and just enjoy!!! I would be lost without my cashew creamer, cashew and oat miks etc I make in my Vitamix. I do not do nut butters yet as it costs a lot for the nuts here and you have to have 24 oz to make the butter. I tried the smaller amount not the best idea but I did use my Cuisinart to finish it up. If you want the smoothest hummus you need a Vitamix or Blentec, make a "cheez" sauce or the cashew "alfredo" you need one or at least a Cuisinart/Kitchenaid food processor. 
Invest in your health that is how I think of it an investment in ME!!!!!!!!!

No added ingredients you can't pronounce just simple ingredients for a great meal. 

The Cashew "Alfredo" just fly by the seat of your pants here but it works

Raw Cashews a good handful or more
Chopped garlic
HOT water
NOTE: you can add parsley, basil, etc to this also if you so desire.
Put the cashews and any other raw nut but a peanut into the blender with the garlic 
pulse a few times to get them mixed well then turn it on and slowly add enough very hot water and watch it come to a creamy sauce consistency. Season with salt and serious black pepper. 
Toss with your favorite cooked pasta mine happens to be linguine and enjoy!!
You can top with vegan parm and if you really want a treat mix in some bacon bits that are not the real thing of course. I usually try not to add these much anymore but every now and then I like them. 

Well I had better get my work done today before I go to work but think about buying a real good appliance for yourself.
Invest in your health.
Until next time
Keep it Plantiful

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