Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone.
Well it is half way for me today WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I got on the scale this morning which I do not do very often and guess what down another 2 lbs. Drink your water!!! I know this is what helped me a LOT. If you do not drink enough it can inhibit any kind of weight loss you are looking for. It is also great for your skin, just everything really. It is supposed to be hot here today 93 degrees first for us this summer so far. I am catching the Extended Interviews from Forks over Knives this morning before work keeps me focused. I love these doctors they make so much sense to me and it works!!!

I think I will make my kalamata hummus which is really just chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and olives all pureed up I love that stuff. The I put it on toast with sliced tomatoes what a great looking open face sandwich. It is also very rich so be careful.

I use the base recipe from Engine 2 you can find it on line. I do not add the braggs but you can if you would like. This stuff is addictive but oh so good and you can eat as much as you would like.

Date Nut smoothie this morning then some hummus and flaxseed crackers etc life is good. I get a 3 day weekend and am so looking forward to it. Some working outside, shopping for my favorite foods and some painting of shirts.

Life is good.
Until next time
Keep it Plantiful

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