Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Monday

Good Morning or afternoon depending on where you are at! 
I love living here! 
I am having my morning cup of Java and am excited that all of my things have shipped. I will be thrilled to get the NutriBullet I think I will use it quite a bit. I am going to try a green smoothie this morning. 
I had one almost two years ago and got a touch of food poisoning from the spinach so I have been very very gun shy ever since. However today I am going to do it!!!! I will add it in after I wash it like crazy.I buy a mix of spinach and kale and will be using that.I know I am not supposed to eat Kale in the raw form so will pick some of that out.Thyroid has to do with that and my other favorite veggies and fruits. I eat them a lot anyway but if you cook them a bit it is okay. They are goitrogens and not a good thing. 

What are you doing today? I am back to work in a very very hot building and it is supposed to hit 93 today UGH.
I will survive though I just pace myself. 
We are in the 90's all week long so welcome Summer!!!!
I even think the animals know it as the birds are not chirping outside my window today like usual. 

Up next is also how to get more pictures on here. I am not very good at keeping my camera with me at all times so I will have to learn that one!!! I am not even good at keeping my phone with me for pictures. 
This will have to be addressed when I want to share recipes and things with everyone.
I am not a fussy cook by any means. I sometimes just throw things together and don't look back :-))
I can usually take a recipe of 18 steps and get that down to 5 or so. No need for a lot of work unless you like that sort of thing and being a professional chef for years in a kitchen you really do not have time to do a lot of extra steps. Some things cannot be "veganized" but most can. 
My focus has always been on flavor and patience when cooking. Rarely do  I like to rush things other than when I get home from work. Bean dishes can cook all day long to get the flavor that is wanted. Stews need to simmer, sauces etc The upside of this is that it just wraps the house in great smells.
Quick items like a baked potato in the microwave is fine. My mac and cheese should have been baked but I was hungry so I did hurry that one up. I will put the sauce on  here this week. Get the nutritional yeast ready. I also mixed it all in my Vitamix before I heated it up it was so smooooooooth. 

Well enough rambling for this morning. Keep at your goals. I am trying to lose the last 12 pounds wish me luck. This picture says it all however I will add that it is almost all diet. Exercise is great for your heart, muscles etc however your diet will do more for your body than anything.

Until next time 
Keep it Plantiful

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