Sunday, July 6, 2014

Glorious Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone
Well the above picture shows what is on it's way to me!!! I can hardly wait. Yes I do have a Vitamix but it is not as portable as this. I still LOVE MY VITAMIX  oh and they are on QVC today as a special value.
I also got the Dessert Bullet and the insulated bag to go with it. I shopped a bit much this weekend!!!!!
I will use them all for sure as I am sitting here enjoying my banana,mango and coconut smoothie. These seem to do the trick for me really really well especially as the thermometer is headed for the 90's today.

I am cleaning out my pantry today and pouring the water onto my yard with 97 degrees for Tuesday it will be  glad I did. 

There is a slight breeze outside, sun is up and oh such a beautiful morning. I even got my Pilates in today.
A few more chores and I can just sit back and enjoy the day.
What are you up too? 

I won't be doing much cooking today as I am eating leftovers from the other day. The 4 bean salad with the the 3-2-1 dressing worked out really really well.

Keep it Plantiful everyone 
I will be back later
Enjoy this glorious day!!!

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