Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Saturday

This is a picture of my amazing garden area at work. I work for the Earth2o bottled water company. I stack empty bottles as they come out of the blow molding machines. We inspect them then put them on a palletizer and they are ready to be filled with the absolute best water ever! The gardens there are a way to use the runoff water from the filling machines it goes into a huge tank then is pumped out to our garden area. It is also a green company as well. This is not the latest picture it has almost tripled in size. I have gotten 7 zucchini already, I have about 20 tomatoes on the plant, somewhere around 60 lemon cucumbers and my cantaloupe are also on their way. Oh and I have 4 acorn squash as well. I am having a blast with this I did not do it last year as I had already planted mine here however they grow up there like there is something going on. It must be the water LOL. 

Today I am making yogurt and zucchini chips. I am enjoying my Saturday as I usually do.  Tomorrow is yard day and then to work out a few things in my head to start making more of my own food. I have grown a lot of things so far but would like to continue this so I am looking at building some sort of  something maybe a few straw bales for sides something like that. I will think this through then keep you up on that.

Any plans? Mine are just to hang out and not do much it is headed for the dog days of summer so time to relax and then get ready for fall and winter. 

Happy Saturday everyone
Until Next Time
Keep it Plantiful

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