Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weekend ahead

Well it is finally here Thursday. I am so glad tomorrow is a day off and a day of rest for this old body. I somehow pulled a muscle in my back at work and it sure does act up at night!!!

I will be doing some cooking tomorrow, a bit of shopping at the local store gotta get my watermelon and then home to just hang out. I may go for a walk depends on how I am feeling. I miss my walks but this job has sort of just really put a strain on my body. We move 8 hours a day turning, lifting, etc.

Well enough of that now what is on the food agenda? Well carrot dogs on buns for sure, some potato salad, hummus, mac and cheez and whatever else I can find. Oh and a HUGE chocolate shake out of bananas and cocoa powder. I love those things. Maybe some popcorn later in the day. A nice salad with some hummus dressing? Oh and I will nibble on watermelon all day long. I can make myself sick with that stuff I just love it.
 It sounds like a lot but not really most of it is already made.
The carrot dogs are easy I will just pick up the buns albeit the wrong kind but oh well. I may even opt to wrap them in a tortilla instead. Seems that bread will just put weight on me. I do not like that !!!!!
It is much easier to eat potatoes and watch it fall off than to eat a piece of bread and notice the scale rising.

The carrot dog recipe can easily be googled and they do come out nicely. I do use a bit of oil with the popcorn as I do have a few exceptions to the no oil rule but I think I have two of them. Popcorn and Veganise on a sandwich now and then.

Next week the Cuisinart Coffee Brewer arrives I will be glad-- I can then enjoy some tea when I get home, a decaf coffee etc. I really don't drink much so this will be less wasteful also. It comes with a K Cup filter so I can still use my coffee not buy the pods but I want to be able to do both. It also says you can brew it right over ice for iced drinks that will be fabulous. I know I will use it and I try everything!!!

I am starting to just purchase very very good brand appliances. They make life easier and sometimes I wonder why I did not do it sooner. The Excalibur Dehydrator was one of them. It is the best I don't use it everyday but I do use it a lot when I do. I can hardly wait to make zucchini chips from my plant at work it is just HUGE.

Well I think that is all for today I am just rambling on.
Have a wonderful 4th.
Until next time
Keep it Plantiful.

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