Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Monday

Hi Everyone!!!
I hope you had a great Plantiful Weekend. I sure did ---lots of cooking of course. Got the chickpeas all cooked up which are one of my weaknesses for sure. I can just eat them by the handful.
I am all ready for work today a short week though which is nice! I am catching Forks over Knives before I go today. I love that film and I watch is often to keep me motivated. 
It is going to be hot here this week so I am ready for it. I really do not eat much at work when it gets that hot as we are working in a tin can so to speak a huge metal building with no venting yet so it can get upwards of 100+ degrees in there. Since it is a water company we get to drink often and lots of water!
I quit drinking soda a few weeks ago. I miss the fizz though but I can still do that with just water also and add some flavorings. Dasani has not Propylene Glycol in it so that is a bit safer than MIO which does. I loved Crystal Light but it has aspartame so it is now out also. I am not opposed to Splenda but I use it rarely. I prefer organic sugar and sucanat. I have never cared for Stevia but I do use maple syrup and agave which are also getting less and less in my diet. 

Please tell your friends to follow this blog as I will be posting more recipes, my painted shirts etc in the next few months. I am new to this so it is a journey we will take together. I also love photography but am working on that one for this blog. I took the picture that is on this page years ago I love Mt. Jefferson. 

What are your plans for the 4th of July? Me I am working out in my yard and then having some carrot dogs, potato salad, and if I am really energetic make a 3 bean salad. 

Oh and I also ordered a new single serve coffee maker now I can have just one cup of tea when I get home and no worries. I do not drink a lot of coffee really so this will help on any waste. I get it next week oh and I can also use it for hot water how great is that!!!!????

Well enough rambling time to get going and start my day. 

Until next time
Keep it Plantiful

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