Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Sunday

Happy Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

It is a perfect day outside today. The sun is out, not too warm is the forecast and just a very very slight breeze. This is perfection to me I love it when it is just in the high 70's and it is extremely quiet also here.
I also love my Sunday mornings even though work was a real hoot last night I still love my time.

Today is also my cooking day so the garbanzos are already on. Mac and Cheez is on the menu for this coming week, as is some potato salad, and the banana leather roll up I did well it is really actually pretty good.
I made the banana leather/soft dough in the dryer it was an accident I turned into something

1 good handful of walnuts
1 good handful of raisins
These were soaked

2 medium bananas
2 c. flax seed meal
1 good tsp of vanilla
Blend this all till really really smooth  then spread out on some unbleached parchment paper (regular if you have it) and then I put this in my Excalibur Dehydrator on 150 for about 4 hours. You could do it in a low over also.

When it is fairly dry then you spread it with some peanut butter( real stuff with just peanuts and maybe salt) then I spread  it with melted chocolate chips (I use Costco brand there is really not much in those)  and roll it up. I put this in the fridge overnight it got really really stiff but I took it out and let it sit at room temperature for a bit. I tell ya it came out pretty good. It is very very rich though so cut small slices.

Here is the result of my mistake LOL
So with that I will retreat once again to my kitchen and see what else is in store for the coming week.
The mac and cheeze is one of my all time favorites. I would prefer whole wheat pasta but alas it is just regular but that is okay. 

I keep my weight down pretty well eating this way and I eat a lot in fact I lost a pound yesterday while I was at work!!!! That is  a first for me but I was excited. 

So Until next time
Keep it Plantiful

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