Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beautiful Sunday

A beautiful day here today! I have been working in my yard and planting lots of things. It is not warm here really for this time of year last year was just brutal on all of us just hot from May till almost October. This year is a gentle transition to summer which by the way they say does not start till the 4th of July LOL.
I will be doing some baking tonight not sure yet I am thinking some muffins, maybe a loaf of bread, not sure yet nothing has really struck me. I am very full from drinking lots of water and enjoying my Almond Joy smoothie. I picked up my alcohol free almond extract yesterday along with some unsweetened coconut at our local health food store. They have some of the best stuff and good prices. Love the raw cashew pieces for my cashew creamer and milk which I use daily!!!! That leave the creamiest consistency to almost any sauce, smoothie or even a whipped topping sort of stuff. I call it sort of stuff as it is not as fluffy as whipped topping but it works just as well. 
Then being a day off I will relax also. Work can be hard on this body for sure. Standing 8 hours at a machine is not easy but it is a job! I worked on a couple T shirt designs yesterday also so will be cutting those out later and painting them up. I will share when they are finished. 
So with all of that I will leave you to enjoy your Sunday afternoon and evening. 
Until next time
Keep it Plantiful!

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