Friday, June 27, 2014


I am sure glad it is Friday today!! Only one more day to go. I loved my cashew taco butter the other day it turned out really really good  and paired with lettuce, tomato and organic oat bread mmmmm. Great lunch and not too heavy either.  I did try to make a banana bread spread well it is NOW banana bread leather instead the dryer is almost finished with it. I have to say it tastes just like banana bread!!!

I have my disasters as most do but I usually figure out a way to save them or use them in something else as I really do not want to waste those precious ingredients. 

I am also going to be mixing some nuts and beans together and see what happens.I have made cookie dough hummus before following a recipe I found online it was really really good.
 I will include the Cashew Taco Butter recipe below, You can follow me on Instagram also I am in there and Facebook, Twitter all of those. 

It is not too hard to make 
1/2 cup cashew butter
1 TBL taco seasoning (adjust to your taste and watch the salt!)
Mix very very well and enjoy--- this would also be good mixed into some tofu sour cream or tofu cream cheese.

Enjoy the time has just flown by this morning I have to get ready for work shortly. 
Have a most wonderful Friday 
Until Next Tiome
Keep in Plantiful

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