Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Plantiful Thoughts

I am glad for today as it is half way for my work week. Yep we work Saturday this week. I still have my morning though which I love!!! I find it calming to sit with my cup of coffee, peruse the news on the computer while I listen to my OPB which is public broadcasting here in Oregon. I live inside a State Park (Smith Rock) so it is also very very quiet up here except for the occasional WOOHOO from a hiker in the park.

This morning I am having my oatmeal with walnuts and raisins it is a cooler morning. I love these mornings clouds hanging overhead, stillness and the bird choir is singing in the trees for me. Silence otherwise very very peaceful.

The agenda for this weekend well my one day off anyway is to work with some nut butters, I had a brainstorm last night at work and was thinking I do not see many nut butters out there like date bread buttter, maple walnut butter, coconut cashew and chocolate etc. I thought well if they are not out there then I will have to just create them. I also want to make one that is hot and spicy!! Cashew Jalapeno comes to mind. You could drizzle that on a tortilla, add it to a dressing, mix it in with a tofu cream cheese or just eat it with your spoon!

I always have tons of ideas I however am NOT GOOD with measurements as I sort of fly by the seat of my pants on that one. I usually use a cup of nuts and go from there hopefully if I want to share recipes I will have to work on this or maybe not. I find it easier when I just go with it and if I end up with a bit much I share or I freeze it for later.

I also want to try a curry butter oh that would be falafel heaven to dip those into some great curry butter or maybe a garlic almond butter. Oh the ideas are just coming out of me again. I love it. I will share these as I want some alternatives to butter that us WFPB eaters can use.  I love nuts as they add some depth, protein, and flavor and occasionally some crunch.

So with the thoughts of nut butters in my head I will leave you.
Until next time

Keep it Plantiful!

 Oh and another cause I am all about is below!!!

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