Saturday, June 21, 2014


Welcome to the world of PLANTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you read it right Plantiful. I love to eat plant based anything and everything. I am not a sans oil completely as I am not perfect and find some stuff just does not work without oil period--example popcorn. It is a treat so no biggie there. I also love a teaspoon of vegannaise on my sandwiches now and then other than that I am pretty oil free also.
I follow the Dr.'s Esslestyn, McDougall and Bernard they all are wonderful inspiration for those who want to get healthy, stay healthy and side step a LOT of health problems. I am 59 years old and rarely if ever get sick I mean really 5 colds and one ear infection in 40 years pretty good I would say.

Plantiful is a new journey for me to share my knowledge of food(yep went to the Culinary Institute of America eons ago LOL), work on any questions you may have as I have lost 115 pounds and kept it off for like forever!!! almost 30 years pretty darn good I would say.

I also love to design T-Shirts and spread the word so look for few of those as well.
Today I went shopping got a lot of goodies and of course my one huge staple which is raw cashew pieces. I use them for everything from my creamer, milk and to even an oil free ranch dressing. Can't forget the potatoes as I live for those and the basmati rice to go into a burger(The ideas and recipe is from Jeff Novick)

I do hope you stay tuned for more stuff coming up. Tomorrow is outside working in my garden and yes I do grow some of my own foods and then of course working on a recipe for the blog. I can take a very complicated recipe and just strip it down to a few steps makes life easier and the results are the same.
I have always been able to do that some stuff however just needs to wait and then so be it.
Until next time
Keep livin' Plantiful.

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