Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunny Plantiful Day in Central Oregon

Another gorgeous day out a bit on the chilly side this morning but all is well. We had a bit of rain last night and I love to listen to the drops on my metal awnings there is no other sound like it.

What is up for today well work of course which I guess I should tell you --I stack bottles (empty of course) for Earth2o. That has to be the absolute best water ever!!!! I love my job easy on the brain, lots of laughs, but can be hard on the body. If you get the chance to try some water do it is an interesting story about it when you go to the website. I also get to check out my garden up there my plants seem to be doing well.

Today I do salad for lunch with the dressing in the bottom of the jar. This is a first one for me but I have seen lots of them out there and want to try it out. Glass jars is what I am slowly transitioning my house to and getting rid of plastic. I  do drink out of plastic but for storage and things I think I need to get rid of this very old plastic and I mean very old as in probably 25 years old or more. Glass however is also heavy when full so I am watching that.

I am just rambling this morning in my brain fog of which I do have.
I am onto doing more research about how to get my Plantiful business up and running. It is my exit strategy for semi-retirement. I have plans for my future and even though I do love my job I need to take care of my body also and it wont' take the beating many more years for sure.

So with that I am leaving you for today
Keep it Plantiful!

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