Saturday, August 30, 2014

Whole Wallet is right

Just got back from my shopping trip to the Whole Foods, Costco etc. Yes I live 30 miles away so I do not get there often. I have to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Whole Foods they have become a mecca for processed foods!!!!!!! Just crazy and the prices at this one were outrageous. I could not find a raw cashew there but even if I did it would have been close to $10 a pound (I get them at my local little health food store for $5.19 a pound!!!!!) I found spirulina for $60 REALLY!!!!!!!????????????? WTF is going on my wages have not gone up so I can not afford any of their stuff. I bought I think 3 things and the bag $22 the least I have ever spent there in my life time. I doubt I will ever go back no need. Costco is right next door made a huge score of fresh power greens, frozen cherries, frozen organic broccoli florets, walnuts, almonds, pecans etc. I will be back for more frozen fruit-- was saddened I could not find the bag of delicious apples but maybe next time. Got my supergreens for smoothies at Bed, Bath and Beyond right next to the Nutribullet display so I am good for green now.
Just needed to vent as my shopping sprees are usually better I even stopped at the Target (have not been a target store for years either) and walked back out it was filthy!! Stuff all over the floor so no need to go back there either. I am funny that way if it looks dirty it probably is so I don't go same for Wal-Mart have not been to one for almost 10 years and no plans to ever go into another EVER!!!!!!!
I am home and have the next 3 days off so I am going to head to the local grocery which is 4 miles away for some produce and start cooking. Yard work tomorrow then just hang out. I will get some of my things online instead at least I know I get what I am looking for and don't have to spend anything on gas which this trip costs me about 4 gallons at $4 a gallon so shipping is cheaper. NO chance of an accident either LOL.
Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend I know I will.

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