Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling Fall

Well I can feel it in the air in the mornings now. FALL is coming upon us and I can hardly wait. Should feel more like it this weekend. I have my shopping shoes on headed to the Big Town LOL. Well for me anyway I am 30 miles from the nearest Costco, Whole Foods etc and with gas prices so high here I rarely get there well this weekend I make the trip!!! I have my list-Almonds, Walnuts, Apples, some peanut butter and hopefully a huge bag of spinach. I am hitting some of the other stores also looking for Spirulina powder, maybe some Mucuna if I can. I am losing my weight and have 7 pounds to go I am now 5 lbs lighter than high school!!!!! Who would think that at 59 years old. I feel really good and am loving my Nutribullet the drinks it makes are fantastic and the recipes are super. They use a lot of the superfoods so I did yesterday Maca, Chia, Goji Berries etc. If you have not tried these please do I got some at the local stores but I order from Nuts. com  they have super products, great service, fast delivery and things I would not normally have where I live. Their prices are also really pretty good. I can get my cashews cheaper here at a local store as well as the agar agar powder so I also support the local guy. 

What gadgets do you own, superfoods have you tried or just your favorite recipes? I love my Buckaroo beans so they are on the lists of things to make this weekend I have 4 days off so cleaning the house, my yard and lots of cooking is on the list of to do's. Oh and order a Nutribullet Rx is also on that list. I also plan on getting a few books The New Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook is one of them by Anne and Jane Esselstyn. Check it out on Amazon it looks amazing their recipes are always great. 

So for now I am just focusing on my health, my weight loss and to prove that this can be done on a plant based diet without calorie counting. I know I am not eating as many calories either but a good 400 calorie nutriblast in the morning, a small and I mean small lunch of melon and saltine crackers(5) then home for some vegggies and rice or potatoes and another blast well I am full, I am getting what I need and the weight comes off. I will be turning some of those nightly veggies into a soup instead when I get the Nutribullet Rx though. I can make soup while I take my shower when I get home from work how nice is that!!!! 

So with that thought in mind I will leave this blog done for today. I hope you enjoyed the recipe for the caponata I made a huge batch and eat it over Bob's Red Mill Brown and Wild Rice combo. 

Have a wonderful weekend 
Until Next Time
Keep it Plantiful

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