Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September is here

Well it has finally arrived and you can feel it in the air FALL is upon us. We still have a few summer like days but the mornings are all fall for sure. I am glad to see the seasons here that is why I live here! I am also excited for the foods that are associated with the seasons. I have 11 acorn squash sitting here from my one plant I have up at the garden at work. There are a LOT more on that plant. I have tomatoes ripening in a bowl (yep pick them green they will ripen beautifully) and am stocking up  on seeds and nuts sounds like I am a squirrel LOL. I will share some of the recipes with you but most of them you can find on line anyway so I think I will just do some reviews of recipes and tell you about some of the tweaks I have done for them.
I did do a slurry for my yogurt yesterday I actually followed the recipe but alas it is not quite what I wanted so I will use it in my smoothies. I think if I had just a bit more agar agar though it would have been the perfect yogurt. I have to say this is the best ever tasting yogurt I have ever had it does not go to waste at all.
I LOVE cashews. 

Today is also the day I order my Nutribullet Rx I can only imagine what it can do. I will be thrilled to be able to make soups while I am in the shower after work. I can come out to a steaming bowl of soup at night WOW and it is not nearly as noisy as the Vitamix. 

What are your new gadgets? I picked up a cherry/olive pitter at Bed, Bath and Beyond works super go tmy cherries pitted and in the freezer. I also bought frozen cherries at Costco so now I can also have a cacao cherry shake. I love my Nutriblasts and Bed, Bath,and Beyond sells the superfoods  packets so now I won't have to order online however sometimes it is best as I do have a 26 mile drive and with gas at $4 a gallon well it is not my everyday trip. 

Life is really really good right now and yesterday I made the oat groats from the back of the Bob's Red Mill package sans the oil they are the best ever. I made the mushroom gravy from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by  Caldwell Esselstyn it is excellent. I did add some dried onion to it but it worked!!!

Today is apple something bought some Braeburns and usually I just peel, slice and toss with pumpkin pie spice and a bit of sugar like a raw apple pie. Today I think I want an apple crisp or something. 

Well that is about all of the news I have for today anyway. 
Oh and I watched Food Matters again and am trying very hard to drink at least 2 glasses of water before anything in the morning working my way up to 2 liters!!! Then coffee time. 

Have a great day
Until next time
Keep it Plantiful!!!!!!

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