Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Nutribullet Life

Well it has been awhile since I was here. I have been really working at getting my routine back which is working out every other day besides the job. Learning all of my new gadgets and the one above is fantastic.
It makes hot things in 7 minutes no timer just runs by itself just awesome!!!!! Getting ready for fall to show up which it has we are under freeze warnings for the next couple days. I am now running a mile every other day or so and plan on a 6 mile walk this weekend. Got the yogurt from a website and it is the best ever so no more agar agar it is tart, tangy goodness from cashews! I love my cashews, next up to learn how to use some of the other things I have acquired. I am cleaning out a couple cupboards this weekend and will be getting my old coffee pot out to make up some herbal teas to use in my nutriblasts. I love those things and have one every morning. Lunch will now be a soup and a few crackers which is a nice change and easy gee 7 minutes to make a hot lunch! WOW. 
I am also learning to use my Vitamix a bit more also they are all getting used and it is just me here. I am losing my weight and loving it. It does not come off as easily as it used to but at 59 years young well I keep the pounds at bay eating this way. I am pretty raw most of the time though. 
Next up hot chocolate in the Rx it makes smaller amounts than a Vitamix so there are uses for all of these machines and this one they say makes nut butters. I will use my Vitamix for that it has the power LOL. You just need so many nuts though but I am going to give it a try and make some maple walnut butter. 
Until Next Time
Keep cookin'
and Keep it Plantiful

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